The Chevy Spark is an attention-grabbing compact city car. Would-be buyers may look at the city and highway mpg as well as the vehicle's capacity. Others focus their interest on something else. Safety features count for a lot among some car consumers. Chevrolet put a lot of effort into devising safety features for the Chevy Spark.

The topic of vehicle safety requires mentioning collisions. No one knows how a brutal accident turns out. Many factors contribute to how much damage ends up inflicted on the passengers. Seat belts can help, as can airbags. The Chevy Spark comes with 10 airbags, which is a significant number. People who remember a time when cars came without airbags fully realize how beneficial they are.

The vehicle also comes with automatic emergency braking, which might reduce collision impact. When traveling at speeds below 37 mph, the system even provides a front-end collision alert if it picks up on one.

At Ramey Auto Group, we know the best way to see if you like the Chevy Spark is to take one for a test drive. Call our office in Princeton, WV and Richlands and N. Tazewell, VA to do so.

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