Because convenient technologies drive the automobile industry, Chevy engineers equipped the Tahoe with hardware for everyday tasks. You can take advantage of the best features after buying a Chevy Tahoe because they're standard.

All passengers in the Chevy Tahoe's cabin will have opportunities to charge their devices. The Tahoe has seven USB ports lined up in a practical spot, and there is another port hidden inside a storage compartment that locks. Besides the USB ports, passengers can also power up batteries using the wireless charging pad.

Some of the Chevy Tahoe's standard features don't rely on technology. However, they still provide advantages on the road. You can learn more about these features at Ramey Auto Group. We have a dedicated team that sets up test drives for Chevy fans in Tazewell, VA and surrounding areas. During your visit, you can inspect the Tahoe's laminated windshield and leather-wrapped steering wheel. The laminated windshield film reduces noise while both wipers are activated, and the leather on the wheel increases grip during steering routines.

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