The Jeep Compass Has Great Comfort Solutions

When the weather is pleasant outside, you'll enjoy taking short or long cruises in the Jeep Compass. It has many plush leather seats that enhance comfort and a convenient sunroof that provides great air circulation.

Both seats in the front of the cabin have soft leather upholstery, and the headrest on each seat supports the neck. When the temperature rises in the cabin, you can cool off by activating the air conditioner, which is powered by dual-zone technology. The zoning feature is practical because it distributes cool air in specific areas in the cabin. On a breezy day, you could get some fresh air by opening the Dual-Pane Pane Panoramic Sunroof. The sunroof is large, so plenty of sunlight shines through its panel on a sunny day.

Jeep Compass vehicles are available for test drives at Ramey Auto Group. Our test drives are very informative and convenient, and we serve locals throughout Princeton, WV and surrounding areas.

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