Look at All the New GMC Canyon Safety Features

The all-new GMC Canyon comes with a number of safety features, here are two in this popular small pickup truck you'll appreciate.

Inside the GMC Canyon is the Pre-Collision Assist that is designed to recognize a car or pedestrian in front of your vehicle that could cause a collision. This feature adds power to braking so you won't need to slam on the brakes to stop faster, bringing the car to a shorter and safer stop.

The Lane-Keeping System is the GMC Canyon is designed to keep you in between the lane lines on the road. If you get tired or distracted and the vehicle drifts, the radar sends a signal to vibrate the steering wheel to get the driver's attention so corrective action can be taken quickly before losing control.

The all-new GMC Canyon is now here on the lot and you can test drive it today when you come visit us at Ramey Auto Group.



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