Smart Towing in the GMC Sierra 1500

GMC has brought the Sierra 1500 into the modern world with the available Prograde Trailering system. This popular light-duty pickup truck uses smart technology to make your travels a bit safer. We here at Ramey Auto Group are excited to show you how these advanced features work.

The system connects to a trailering application in the cabin. The application can be accessed on the infotainment screen. It can give you in-depth information about your trailer before, during, and after your departure. Before you embark on your journey, the application can walk your through a checklist for safety. There's also a light sequence test to make sure that everything is connected correctly.

If you use multiple trailers, you can create custom profiles. You'll be able to adjust brake settings, maintenance reminders, and so much more. One of the best things about this in-vehicle application is that you can take it with you outside the vehicle. A smartphone companion application can be used to keep track of your trailer information on the go.



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