Explore Toyota Sienna Comfort and Convenience Features

Whether you go by Mom, Dad, Grandparent, or any other name, there's no question that being the family driver is stressful. The 2018 Toyota Sienna is ready to reduce your stress with some simple standards that every Princeton, WV driver should have.


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The Sienna has Radar-enhanced Adaptive Cruise Control. The family driver can use the system to manage acceleration, deceleration and braking. Suddenly there's a partner in dealing with slow-and-go traffic! Sienna minivans also have adaptive high beams. These regulate themselves, allowing the driver to keep both hands on the wheel at night. An available Bird's Eye camera with a perimeter scan shows family drivers the van's surroundings from every angle. If there's a kid in the way, you are much more likely to know.

Enjoy a top quality minivan and extra peace of mind with the 2018 Toyota Sienna at Ramey Auto Group.

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