The Technological Features of the New Toyota Yaris

Subcompact vehicle enthusiasts appreciate the economy that the Toyota Yaris provides. It is also simply fun to drive. The 2019 models available also now boast a variety of technological features that were formerly only found on more elite vehicles.

Carry the key fob with you and simply unlock or lock the doors by touching the handle. Start or stop the engine with a mere push of the clearly visible button on the dashboard. The automatic climate control technology enables you to set and store your desired cabin temperature. Each time you enter the vehicle, the system ensures your comfort.

The infotainment system has a seven-inch touchscreen that might also be controlled using the knob between the front seats. Listen to music, link the system with a mobile device or find navigation information quickly. Use the USB ports to link with an MP3 player or charge your mobile devices. See all of the upgrades when visiting Ramey Auto Group.



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