Using Salt & Sand Can Reduce Your Chances of Slipping This Winter

Every winter many of us have to contend with a torrent of not only cold weather and winds but also the snow and ice that plagues the roads and driveways, turning them into dangerous ice arenas that will cause many of us to either end up in a snowy ditch or to slip and fall, potentially causing serious damage to our vehicles or our bodies.

Stay safe this winter with two easy to acquire items, salt, and sand. Your regular table salt is not what we are talking about here; sodium chloride rock salt is the kind you need. It eats away at the snow and ice, reducing them to a salty puddle in no time. This is where the sand is needed after the salt dissolves the ice or snow it will leave behind a very salty puddle that will likely refreeze. Sand won't stop the water from freezing, but it will ensure that when it does, there is still plenty of grit left for traction.

Make sure that your vehicle gets the best quality service when you need winter maintenance, bring it in to our team at Ramey Auto Group!

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